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Termite control

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Termite control

Before considering different methods of termite control, it is important to recognize that there are two major categories of termite treatments based on when the treatment is applied: preconstruction treatments and postconstruction treatments.

Preconstruction treatments are protective treatments that are applied or installed as a building is being built, and shortly after the building is completed. Obviously, preconstruction treatments can only be applied at one point in the life of a building. Some types of treatments and physical barriers can only be applied at this time, but there are other methods of termite treatment that can be applied either as preconstruction treatments or postconstruction treatments. Most preconstruction termite treatments installed in Mississippi utilize liquid termiticides. It is important that any subsequent additions to a building also be properly pretreated.

Installation of a liquid termiticide pretreatment is a two-step process that involves establishing a horizontal barrier of treated soil underneath the building and a vertical barrier of treated soil around the exterior building foundation.

Step 1. The horizontal barrier must be installed before the slab or foundation for the building is poured, but after all form boards and other preparation for pouring the slab or foundation is completed.

Step 2. The vertical barrier, or exterior perimeter treatment is applied shortly after the building is completed and the final exterior perimeter grade is established.